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Smart homes and home networks should be easier to make and improve. Protecting yourself from identity theft, fraud, and other cybercrimes shouldn't be so hard.

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Smart homes, home networks, and cybersecurity made simple.

My goal is the make home technology, like smart homes and home networks, accessible for everyone regardless of their technology background or capabilities. 

This technology can help people in many ways. It shouldn't be something only "techies" can benefit from.

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Marlon Buchanan
HomeTechHacker Academy Founder and Instructor
100% Self-paced online Courses

All courses can be taken online and completed at whatever pace you are able. Some courses have suggested lengths, but the pace is up to you. They all direct the learner towards a specific outcome, so you know exactly what you'll achieve by taking the course.

Home Technology How-To Books

We offer best-selling smart home, home networking, and personal cybersecurity books that provide learners of all technical levels actionable skills to achieve their home technology goals.

In-Depth Articles

Take advantage of the free in-depth explainers, how-tos, product reviews, and home technology recommendation engine that our blog offers.

What Makes Our Courses Different?

No technology experience required

Never set up a smart home? Not sure what all the settings in your router are for? Worried you should be doing more to protect yourself from cybercriminals. Our courses don't require you to be an expert. Anyone can take them!

  • Beginners
  • Seniors
  • Experienced
  • Your Home Will Be Smart
  • Your Home NEtwork Will Be secure
  • You'll be protected from Fraud And Identity Theft

All courses will give you concrete outcome

You'll accomplish something tangible or learn a specific set of skills in every course, and you'll know what the accomplishment will be before you start the course.

Everything is explained step by step

All courses are designed in a logical and sequential manner. If you follow the steps, you'll achieve the outcomes.

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Current Progress
Current Progress
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What Our Learners Are Saying

Marlon excels and making technical topics clear and easy to understand in his courses and in his books. I don't consider myself a tech guy, but Marlon's concise and practical explanations for tech made me feel like I am.

Joseph Whalen


He writes in an easy-to-understand, conversational tone not often found in such technical books. If you have any interest in making your home more smart and are not sure how to go about it—or what you even want—this book [The Smart Home Manual] will set you up with the information you need to build the smart home of your dreams.

Jamie Brydone-Jack


From a beginner’s level, you’re gradually brought up to speed about the components and devices that comprise a home network. His approach makes you feel at home... you may suddenly come to the realization that setting up your home network is easier than you thought before — and decide to take the plunge by yourself!

Raju Chacko


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About Marlon Buchanan

Marlon Buchanan’s genuine interest in home technology shines through in his courses and books. Taking what’s often considered a confusing topic and making it easy and even exciting is no small feat, yet Marlon manages to do this and more. His invaluable experience and expertise can help anyone from beginner to pro tackle and manage their home technology concerns.

He holds a bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from MIT and master’s degrees in business administration and software engineering from Seattle University. He works as an IT Director but was previously a software engineer, business analyst, and college instructor. He has consulted with many individuals and organizations, been sought out as an expert reference for articles and as guest on technology related podcasts 

Marlon currently resides in Seattle with his wife and kids and hopes to make home technology topics easy and entertaining for you!

You can learn more about Marlon here.

Marlon Buchanan


Do I have to be a "techie" to take your courses?

Absolutely not! Our courses are designed for learners of all technical levels.

Why should I take courses from you?

You should take courses from me because of my demonstrated and recognized expertise and my aptitude for curriculum design. I combine my experience as a college instructor with my deep knowledge of these subject areas to provide you with an excellent learning experience. I've written best-selling books covering smart homes, home networks, home automation, and personal cybersecurity. I've also been asked to provide my expert opinion to publications and podcasts because others recognize my authority and practical experience in home technology. 

What makes your courses different from others?

Other technology courses lean too much on theory and technical jargon. You learn the right words, but not practical application. After completing my courses you'll have a tangible outcome (e.g., built a smart device, improved your home network, enhanced your resistance to cybercrimes) in addition to a better understanding of the subject matter.

How long will I have access to a course I purchase?

You’ll have lifetime access to any course you purchase, including updates and improvements made over time.

How do I access the course materials?

Log in to HomeTechHacker Academy courses by clicking the Login menu item on the upper right of most pages or by going here. You will see the list of courses you have access to. Course videos are not available for download and must be viewed through the platform. Some items, such as course worksheets and ebooks, are available for download.